Saturday, 2 March 2013

March Update!

Again I find myself working a long way from home and living in a hotel once more, but at least this time I have brought a few toys to play with. I've finally got around to installing those silicone anti-vibration mounts that I posted about a few weeks ago. My initial impression is that they feel a bit too rigid and probably only good for really high frequency vibration, but I haven't found the time to make a test to properly test them out.

Here is a picture of them mounted. Sorry about the poor picture quality, I took it using my tablet in bad lighting conditions. If the weather is good tomorrow, I will try and make a before/after video to show how well/bad they work.

In other news, I finally received the 450 V2 kit that I purchased from RCTimer and am starting to put it together. Unfortunately I don't have all of the items with me that I need to finish it, but I hope to try and get it in the air soon and do a little build log along the way. Eventually I plan on holding a little competition to give it  away, but I have no idea when that will be.

Apart from a couple of missing screws for mounting the motors, I'm pretty happy with what I received for $115. I'm going to add a Naze32 controller to it for control and will probably fit a set of Tarot folding landing gear to it. I recently learned a lesson to read the description on ebay a bit more carefully as I thought that I was ordering a landing gear set and was a bit disappointed when only one leg showed up in the post. The quality seems reasonable, so I will order another matching leg to go with it.

Here's a couple of pictures of what I received in the post:


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